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Start a business with us and you could put your kids through college, save for retirement or gain total financial independence. Join the thousands of individuals just like you who have had their dreams realized simply by embracing our risk free customer referral program. It’s easy, fun, and rewarding.

“Energy deregulation will be the largest transfer of wealth in history.” Warren Buffett, Forbes Magazine

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All 50 States – This is Your NEW ENERGY Opportunity Creating a Green ENERGY Movement!

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The economy hasn’t been this bad in more than half a century and the US unemployment rate has been in double digits for quite some time. The rising number of people stepping up and becoming entrepreneurs leads on to ask the question, “What is the best business to be a part of?” 


An ideal business opportunity would include:

  • No start up cost
  • No inventory requirements
  • A massive market
  • A simple sales process that is easily duplicated
  • A compensation plan that leverages the work of others
  • The potential for a large residual income with a very low attrition rate
  • A product that isn’t a product at all, but a better, more affordable service than a potential customer is already paying for.

Top entrepreneurs that have reviewed many business opportunities have chosen North American Power, as it offers all of the metrics described here.

“There are a few other industries that will compete for being exciting in the decades ahead: the energy industry…” Bill Gates in response to question from CNN interview

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